What to Avoid in Your Home Remodeling

Home remodels can be expensive, time consuming projects. To make the most of your kitchen or bathroom remodel, here are three things you should avoid when planning your remodel.

1. Avoid making implusive design and build decisions

A good remodel should last 10 years or more. You can help extend this lifetime by picking fixtures and finishes that are more classic or timeless. This doesn’t necessarily mean traditional, however it’s tempting to follow trends, but remember that what’s fashionable now may look dated in a few years; opting for a timeless design can be a safer bet.. We would caution against painting your kitchen cabinets Pantone’s Color of the Year (“Viva Magenta” for 2023). Similarly, faux textured walls and fireplaces are trendy right now, but will you still love that look in seven or eight years? If the 90s taught us anything, the answer is probably no. But overall, make sure to stay true to your own style.

2. Going too cheap

We all love a good deal, but it’s critical to weigh the cost of a project against the value. For example, a pair of jeans from Walmart may cost $10 right now, way cheaper than the $90 you could pay at the mall, but will they last as long? Highly doubtful.  Similarly, big box stores like Home Depot may have “good deals” on cabinets, but they don’t hold up long-term as custom cabinets with significantly higher quality hardware do. Formica or other laminate countertops may seem like a great option because they are cheap, but they don’t add to your home’s value the way quality granite or engineered quartz does. 

Consider your kitchen or bathroom remodel as an investment opportunity. Would you prefer to invest in standard grout in your shower that will eventually crack and fall out, leaving you vulnerable to leaks and water damage? Or would you rather an epoxy grout that may cost a bit more and take a bit longer to install, but will protect your shower from water leaks, mildew growth, and won’t need to be re-sealed? We’re not saying to pick expensive kitchen and bathroom finishes for the sake of spending more money, but to weigh the cost versus value long term. If spending 5-10% more on a product will make your life easier in the long run, you can prevent future headaches for yourself. 

3. Less-than-professional “contractors”

In the same line of thinking, the contractor who provides you with the lowest bid is not usually the best option. If your contractor isn’t licensed, bonded, and insured, you are heading down a dangerous path. These contractors are typically referred to as “Chuck in a Truck,” a one-person operation. Chuck can rarely provide the level of skills, knowledge, and customer service a full-service contractor like Legacy Construction can provide.

Often, we are asked to come in on a project that someone else tried, and failed, to complete. It is more expensive in the long run because you’ve hired and paid two different contractors. Living through a remodel is already enough of a headache – don’t add to your pain by hiring the cheapest contractor.


We want to ensure you get the best value on your remodel or home addition. This is why we use our signature design-build process to ensure a meticulously planned, smooth-going kitchen and bathroom remodels.

You can learn more about our process here, or schedule your no-obligation consultation with us here.