Bathroom Remodeling

Beautifully Built & Functionality

Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodeling is an opportunity to infuse personal style and increase the value of your home. It involves careful planning, from selecting the perfect tiles to lighting and features that create a personalized and relaxing space—delivering aesthetic appeal and functional improvement in your beautifully built and designed bathroom.

Experience Luxury

A well-remodeled bathroom can offer a sanctuary of relaxation with features that blend comfort and style. Adding a large soaking tub with a whirlpool bath, walk-in shower, or heated floor delivers a spa-like experience at home.

Enhanced Functionality

Creating the beauty and ambiance of your bathroom is just as important as its functionality. Adding natural light and increased storage solutions, such as built-in cabinets or shelves, can help organize and declutter your space.

bathroom remodel with sun light above shower
bathroom remodel with vanity highlights

We used Legacy Construction to remodel two of our bathrooms. We really enjoyed working with Nate and his team and love how both bathrooms turned out. Their work was done very well and their tile work was very impressive. Overall we were very happy with them and their work and would highly recommend them.


M. Pilling

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At Legacy Construction, we are experts at bathroom remodeling. We deliver functional elements such as ample storage, efficient lighting, and unique spa features to any bathroom. It’s an investment that can provide aesthetic and functional enhancement, making it a worthwhile undertaking for any homeowner.