Have You Outgrown Your Current Home?

Have You Outgrown Your Current Home?

Hire a custom home builder in Campbell & Los Gatos, CA

Maybe your home was perfect for you when you first purchased it, but with time your family's wants and needs have evolved. A custom home builder can tailor your next living space to your exact specifications. Legacy Construction, Inc. offers new home construction services for residents in Campbell & Los Gatos, CA.

Whether you want to tear down your current home and start over or you have a new site for your new home construction, you can count on our crew to get the job done right. We'll take care of grading, framing and foundation installation. Call 408-832-5158 now to schedule a consultation with a member of our team in Campbell & Los Gatos, CA.

Be prepared for your custom home building consultation

Ready to begin the home building process? Your custom home builder will set up a consultation with you to learn your new home preferences. Prepare to discuss...

  • The ideal size of your new home
  • Where you want to build your new home
  • Any current likes or dislikes related to your current home

The more information you share during the consultation, the better we can ensure your satisfaction with your new living space. We'll also make sure you have a realistic idea of the cost of building the home you want. When it comes to building you the perfect home, there's no room for guesswork.